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Agricultural, Food & Nutritional SciencePhDSurvey of Herd Fertility Performance and Strategies for ImprovementHerd FertilityStrategies for ImprovementIndustry Performance PracticeDr. Divakar Ambrose2015-01-01
Agricultural, Food & Nutritional SciencePhDQuantitative & Molecular GenomicsBovine GenomicsFeed EfficiencyMolecular GeneticsDr. Changxi Li2015-07-01
Agricultural, Food & Nutritional ScienceMScRegulation of Gastrointestinal Growth & Barrier FunctionRuminant NutritionPhysiologyMicrobiology & Molecular BiologyDr. Michael Steele2015-09-01
Agricultural, Food & Nutritional SciencePhDRegulation of Gastrointestinal Growth & Barrier FunctionRuminant NutritionPhysiologyMicrobiology & Molecular BiologyDr. Michael Steele2015-09-01
Human EcologyPhDEdmonton Transitions StudyCouple relationsQuantitative methodsDevelopmentDr. Matt Johnson2015-09-01
Renewable ResourcesMScNitrous Oxide Emissions, Nitrogen Use-Efficiency & Grain ProductivityNitrous oxideFerti-IrrigationGreenhouse gasesDr. Guillermo Hernandez Ramirez2015-09-01
Renewable ResourcesPhDPatterns/mechanisms driving clone size & gender of aspen in ABtrembling aspenclone size & gender distributionfield samplingBarb Thomas2016-09-01
Renewable ResourcesMScInternational Dual-degree MF/MSc Positions in Global Change BiologyConservation BiologyForest EcologyClimate ChangeAndreas Hamann2015-01-01
Renewable ResourcesMScEffects of fire on peatland permafrost stability (MSc or PhD)permafrostpeatlandswildfireDr. David Olefeldt2015-01-01
Renewable ResourcesMScCarbon cycling in permafrost peatlands after fire (MSc or PhD)greenhouse gasespeatlandswildfireDr. David Olefeldt2015-01-01
Renewable ResourcesMScExport and fate of terrestrial DOC in peatland catchments (MSc or PhD)dissolved organic carbonpeatlandspermafrostDr. David Olefeldt2015-01-01
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