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Welcome to the database for available graduate student positions in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences at the University of Alberta. The following table lists graduate student positions available throughout the Faculty of ALES and may be used to find a potential supervisor and/or project that interests you.

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Project Title
Keyword 1
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Start Date
Renewable ResourcesMScLand reclamation research projectsLand reclamationRestoration ecology Forest ecologyBrad Pinno2019-05-01
Renewable ResourcesPhDNitrous Oxide Sources and Fluxes from Soils: Nitrogen EffectsNitrous oxideSoilsNitrogenGuillermo, Hernandez Ramirez 2019-01-07
Renewable ResourcesMScGreenhouse Gases Emissions from Managed SoilsGreenhouse GasesSoilsManagementGuillermo, Hernandez Ramirez 2019-01-07
Renewable ResourcesMScMSc or PhD research in Analytical GeochemistryAnalytical geochemistrytrace elementscolloids.Dr. William Shotyk2018-09-18
Renewable ResourcesPhDRhizosphere Dynamics - MSc or PhD Student PositionRhizosphere Soil Fertility Soil bacteria and mycorrhizal fungiDrs. Monika Gorzelak and Guillermo Hernandez2019-04-01
Renewable ResourcesPhDSoil Health and Crop Rotation Effects Soil HealthCrop RotationOrganic matter Drs. Frank Larney and Guillermo Hernandez2019-04-01
Renewable ResourcesMScSilviculture, soils and tree productivitySilvicultureForest ecologyForest soilsBrad Pinno2019-05-01
Renewable ResourcesMScM.Sc. Research Assistantship in Land ReclamationLand ReclamationBiodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbonsRenewable ResourcesTariq Siddique2019-09-01
Renewable ResourcesPhDAssessing the uptake of trace elements by aquatic and riparian plantstrace elementsanalytical geochemistryaquatic and riparian plants Dr. William Shotyk2019-07-01
Renewable ResourcesPhDAssessing the uptake of trace elements by invertebrates and fish trace elementsanalytical geochemistryinvertebrates and fishDr. William Shotyk2019-07-01
Renewable ResourcesMScThe assessment of soil properties and impacts on surface runofftrace elementsanalytical geochemistrysoil scienceDr. William Shotyk2019-07-01
Renewable ResourcesPhDPast Atmospheric Deposition of Trace Metals trace elementsenvironmental chemistryanalytical chemistryDr. William Shotyk2019-05-01
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