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Agricultural, Food & Nutritional ScienceMScDiversity and abundance of rangeland pollinatorsRangelandsPollinators Cameron Carlyle2014-03-03
Agricultural, Food & Nutritional ScienceMScTesting of Residual Feed Intake (RFI) in Cow/Calf Production SystemsResidual Feed IntakeProduction SystemsGrasslandsDr. Edward Bork / Dr. Graham Plastow2014-09-03
Agricultural, Food & Nutritional ScienceMScCarbon and nutrient cycling in northern temperate rangelands.Microbial Enzyme ActivityCarbon & Nutrient CyclingSoil & VegetationDrs. Edward Bork, Cameron Carlyle, Daniel Hewins2014-05-05
Agricultural, Food & Nutritional ScienceMAIdentification of DNA-based biomarkers for feed efficiency in cattleBovine GenomicsTeagasc FellowshipQuantitative and Molecular GenomicsDr. Changxi Li2014-09-03
Agricultural, Food & Nutritional ScienceMScManaging nutrients & organic residues for sustainable calf productionSoil SystemsGHG EmissionsOrganic ResiduesEdward Bork2014-05-01
Renewable ResourcesPhDChemical ecology of insect plant interactionsMountain pine beetleJack pineChemical defensesDr Nadir Erbilgin2014-01-02
Renewable ResourcesPhDClimate change and forest dieback in North Americaclimate changeforest diebackdroughtUwe Hacke and Andreas Hamann2014-05-01
Renewable ResourcesPhDBiodiversity & habitat offsets for freshwater fishesfisheriesbiodiversityoil sandsDr. Mark Poesch2014-05-01
Renewable ResourcesMSc Attitudes and behavior of Alberta waterfowl hunterswildlife ecologyleisure studiesnatural resourcesDr. Lee Foote 2014-09-01
Renewable ResourcesPhDPhD Student in the Field of Chemical Ecology Chemical Ecology in Forest EntomologyForest Health Dr. Nadir Erbilgin2014-09-01
Renewable ResourcesMScWetland ReclamationWetlandreclamation Dr. Lee Foote2014-06-01
Renewable ResourcesMScSoil Quality as part of Ecosystem Health: Method DevelopmentSoil qualitySoil aggregation, structure, and porosityDigital image and analysesDr. Guillermo Hernandez Ramirez2014-05-01
Renewable ResourcesMScReclaiming Boreal Linear Corridors by Enhancing Soil Conditionsoillinear disturbanceboreal forestDr. Guillermo Hernandez Ramirez 2014-05-01
Renewable ResourcesMScSoil and Root Responses to Control Traffic Management in Croplandssoilrootscontrol traffic farmingDr. Guillermo Hernandez Ramirez2014-05-01
Renewable ResourcesMScNitrous Oxide Emissions from Cropland receiving Manuresoilnitrous oxidegreenhouse gasesDr. Guillermo Hernandez Ramirez2014-06-01
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