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Welcome to the database for available graduate student positions in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences at the University of Alberta. The following table lists graduate student positions available throughout the Faculty of ALES and may be used to find a potential supervisor and/or project that interests you.

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Project Title
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Start Date
Agricultural, Food & Nutritional SciencePhD3D Kinematics in Poultry Behaviour and WelfarePoultryGenomicsWelfareDr. Clover Bench2018-01-02
Agricultural, Food & Nutritional SciencePhDExperimental Characterization of Microbial Corrosion (MIC-1)CorrosionMicrobesBiofilmsDr. John Wolodko2018-01-01
Agricultural, Food & Nutritional SciencePhDFlow Effects on Microbial Corrosion (MIC-2)CorrosionMicrobesFluid DynamicsDr. John Wolodko2018-01-01
Agricultural, Food & Nutritional SciencePhDPredictive Modeling of Microbial Corrosion (MIC-3)CorrosionMicrobesModelingDr. John Wolodko2018-01-01
Renewable ResourcesPhDPhD Research in Environmental (bio)geochemistryLower Athabasca RiverSWAMP LabAnalytical chemistryDr. William Shotyk2017-09-01
Renewable ResourcesPhDWater Resources Modelling and ManagementWaterClimate changeModellingDr. Monireh Faramarzi2017-09-05
Renewable ResourcesMScTwo MSc/MF Dual Degree Opportunities in Global Change Biology Forestry, Ecology, Management Climate Change Impacts and AdaptationOptional European/Canadian dual degree programAndreas Hamann2019-09-01
Renewable ResourcesPhDClone size and sex ratios of trembling aspen in the boreal foresttrembling aspensexclone sizeBarb Thomas2018-04-01
Renewable ResourcesMScImpact of climate change on trembling aspen along the boreal fringetrembling aspensexclimate changeBarb Thomas2018-09-03
Renewable ResourcesMScMSc or PhD Opportunities in Watershed ManagementWatershedForestsDrinking WaterAxel Anderson2018-01-01
Renewable ResourcesMScInfluence of forest management and disturbances on water qualityWater QualityCatchment ScienceForest managementDavid Olefeldt2018-05-01
Renewable ResourcesPhDInfluence of forest management and disturbances on water qualityWater QualityCatchment ScienceForest ManagementDavid Olefeldt2018-05-01
Renewable ResourcesMScGraduate position in Forest Restoration Ecology Forest reclamationForest ecologyRegeneration ecologySimon Landhäusser2018-04-30
Renewable ResourcesPhDGraduate position in EcophysiologyForest EcologyTree ecologyCarbon reserve allocationSimon Landhäusser2018-04-30
Renewable ResourcesMScSilviculture, regeneration and forest resiliency in SW Alberta SilvicultureForest managementAssisted migrationBrad Pinno2018-04-30
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